Tsunami Plastic Pump, 100′ DTW


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PFOA Update – Great News!!! This Pump Is PFOA Free

12 Volt Tsunami® Plastic Pump

(Lifts 100 Feet / 31 Meters DTW)

Requires: Power Booster 2 or Low Flow w/ Power Booster 2 to operate

The Engineered Plastic 12 volt submersible centrifugal Tsunami® pump is capable of pumping up to 100 feet from ground level (DTW)*. Its reliable design is perfect for continuous sampling and purging of groundwater wells.

​The 12 Volt Tsunami® is ideal for low flow sampling (Fractional Flow™) all the way down to 40 ml/s per minute. Need to get even lower? How about 10 ml/s per minute in conjunction with the Low Flow Sampling Control Valve.

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