Combo Stainless Steel Mega-Monsoon XL Pump & Controller


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Includes Low Flow w/ Power Booster 3 XL “LCD” Controller

Lifts 170′ DTW. Requires Low Flow w/ Power Booster 3 XL “LCD” Controller to operate

The Stainless Steel Mega Monsoon XL® pump is capable of pumping up to 180 feet from ground level (DTW)* by simply connecting the Stainless Steel Mega Monsoon XL® to the Low Flow with Power Booster 3 XL “LCD” Controller, then to a 12 volt source. Its reliable design is perfect for continuous purging of groundwater wells.

The Stainless Steel Mega Monsoon XL® is only 1.82″ OD and constructed of three high polished stainless steel parts:
The replaceable motor module
The motor module 3 Pin Bayonette Connector
The outside Stainless Steel Housing and Stainless Steel Bottom Inlet Filter Screen

The main wear out parts consisting of the motor and seal all have been incorporated in a single replaceable motor module. Should the existing replaceable motor module fail in the field, a new replaceable motor module can quickly be installed within 30 seconds by a simple quarter turn twist! Once installed, your pump is essentially new and will have a life span identical to a new pump.

Watt Consumption (max): 585 watts (max)
DC Volt Recomendation: 12-15 DC (direct current) At Source
AMP Consumption (max): 39 amps
Measurements: Length 7.5″ / Diameter: 1.82″
Construction: High Polish Stainless Steel
Tubing: 3/8″ ID Poly Tubing
Supplied With: 180-ft of heavy duty 10 gauge wire neatly rolled on a tubular metal reel with pump holder, 2 motor modules,   disposable low flow control valve and wrench

What’s included in the box:
Stainless Steel Mega-Monsoon XL® Pump (Item# PS-10420)
SS Mega-Monsoon XL Replaceable Motor Module (Item# PA-14070)
Low Flow Control Valve (Item# PA-14080)
Wrench (Item# PA-16089)

DTW (Depth to Water) Gallons per Minute
10 3.25
20 3.00
40 3.00
50 2.75
70 2.50
80 2.25
90 2.25
100 2.00
120 1.75
140 1.25
150 1.00
170 0.25

Test was conducted with a power supply at 13.8 volts
Running your vehicle while using this pump will dramatically increase purge volume.

PFOA Update – This Pump Is PFOA Free

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